The Liss Parish Council Finance Committee meets quarterly.

Responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • The periodic review of statements of income & expenditure of account for the Main Accounts, Charities Accounts & any other financial accounts as operated under the umbrella of the Council.

  • To receive quarterly reconciliations of all council bank accounts.

  • The consideration & determination of any applications for grant funding received by the Council.

  • The consideration of draft operating & capital budgets as prepared & presented by the Responsible Financial Officer.

  • To make recommendations to Council to set the operating & capital budget & to set the precept.

  • The periodical review of the Council’s Investment Policy.

  • The annual review & confirmation of the Council’s Statement of Internal Control.

  • The appointment of the independent external auditor.

  • The annual review & approval of the Council’s schedule of charges.

  • The periodical consideration & determination of any extraordinary items of proposed expenditure.

  • Ensuring that bank mandates are up to date.


Financial data: Information about Council payments (bank payments receipts, details of fixed term assets maturing and petty cash payments) are reported to monthly Council meeting for approval. The RFO reports can be found under Council minutes.


Links to financial documents:

Budget 2018-2019 

Fixed Asset Register 

Annual Governance Statement 2016/2017 

2017 Annual Return to Audit Commission and Notice of Conclusion of Audit 

Summarised Budget for 2016/17

2015 Annual Return to Audit Commission 

2014 Annual Return to Audit Commission