The Liss Parish Council Finance Committee meets quarterly.

Responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • The periodic review of statements of income & expenditure of account for the Main Accounts, Charities Accounts & any other financial accounts as operated under the umbrella of the Council.

  • To receive quarterly reconciliations of all council bank accounts.

  • The consideration & determination of any applications for grant funding received by the Council.

  • The consideration of draft operating & capital budgets as prepared & presented by the Responsible Financial Officer.

  • To make recommendations to Council to set the operating & capital budget & to set the precept.

  • The periodical review of the Council’s Investment Policy.

  • The annual review & confirmation of the Council’s Statement of Internal Control.

  • The appointment of the independent external auditor.

  • The annual review & approval of the Council’s schedule of charges.

  • The periodical consideration & determination of any extraordinary items of proposed expenditure.

  • Ensuring  that bank mandates are up to date.

Links to financial documents:

2017 Annual Return to Audit Commission and Notice of Conclusion of Audit 

Summarised Budget for 2016/17

2015 Annual Return to Audit Commission 

2014 Annual Return to Audit Commission