The Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2028

WHAT AN AMAZING RESULT!   In the recent referendum on the Liss Village Neighbourhood Plan, 1,251 (87.7%) voted for the plan, and 177 (12.3%) against, which was a turnout of 30% of those eligible to vote.  This  reflects the huge amount of work put into the plan by so many in the village.  The plan was formally approved by the South Downs National Park Authority on 14th December.

What happens now?

Under planning regulations the neighbourhood plan immediately became part of what is called the Development Plan for Liss.  This is the name for all the plans covering Liss, which are now  the neighbourhood plan, the East Hants Joint Core Strategy and also the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan, although that does not affect Liss much.

It means that from now on all planning decisions in Liss have to take account of the neighbourhood plan.

The Parish Council will comment to the planners on individual planning applications to make sure their decisions are based on the plan, and will keep an eye on the whole plan to make sure it is carried out as intended.   

What does the plan do?

The plan allocates 156 houses (including flats and bungalows) to be built in Liss up to 2028 on six sites spread around the village.  There will also be some housing on small plots within the village.  40% of the housing will be affordable for those who cannot afford the full market cost. 

The plan stops development spreading into the countryside and stops the development of  green spaces in the village by giving them the same protection as green belt land.   It also protects and enhances biodiversity in the village where affected by development,  and also sets out criteria for better design based on the Village Design Statement.  

The plan also sets out how community and infrastructure needs in the village can be met through a levy on development

Want to know more about the plan?

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