Riverside Walk

Liss Riverside Railway walk is an important, well used walk connecting Liss centre and Liss Forest.  The walk follows part of the old Longmoor Military Railway, dismantled in 1972 and now holds the status of a local nature reserve.  The entire walk is divided into 10 compartments.

Station Road entrance                                               Entrance from Forest Road (in Greatham)

Compartments 1-10 are the responsibility of EHDC.  Liss Conservation Rangers, a local volunteer group, carry out maintenance during monthly work days.  Please e-mail lissconservation@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in becoming a member of Liss Rangers..

 Liss Rangers

Compartment 10 is managed and is in direct ownership of Liss Parish Council and over the last 3 years, Liss Parish Council have been successful in gaining funding to make improvements to this compartment.