Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee meets quarterly and has responsibility for the following areas in the Parish:

West Liss Recreation Ground

West Liss Recreation Ground is a registered village green and a registered charity.  LPC acts as a trustee and the ground is maintained by LPC Grounds staff.

The ground is hired for football matches during the football season and occasionally used by a fair and circus during summer months.  Other bookings will also be considered.


Liss Forest Recreation Ground

Liss Forest Recreation Ground is in the direct ownership of Liss Parish Council.  It is maintained by LPC Grounds staff, with the assistance of Liss Forest Residents Association.




 Newman Collard Playing Fields



Newman Collard Playing Fields is managed                          by Newman Collard Management Trust.                                  The Trust was established in 1966 to manage the playing fields on behalf of LPC.                   LPC appoints 3 representatives to this Trust. 









         Part of the playing fields is in direct ownership of          LPC and the entire grounds are managed by
  LPC Grounds staff.


Centenary Gardens

The Centenary Gardens were opened in 1995 to commemorate 100 years of the Parish Council.

A mosaic was constructed in 2000 using designs from groups and businesses around the village.