Liss Bowl Sub Committee

Liss Bowl - Status of the project

Despite the best endeavours of the Parish Council, it has proved impossible to find a site for the skatebowl within currently available public land within the Parish.

With new developments to come to the parish over the next few years, should a suitable site become available, the Parish Council will look at the viability of restarting the project at that time.  However, until the Liss Pavilion project has been fully funded and delivered and a suitable location for the skatebowl has been identified, the Parish Council has decided not to proceed further with the skatebowl project. 

Minutes of meeting 07.04.11 
Minutes of meeting 02.11.10 

Liss Bowl - Update March 2009


The following motion was proposed to Liss Parish Council by Councillor P Payne at the Council meeting on 20th July 2009:

“Liss Parish Council resolves to provide a concrete skatebowl on the Newman Collard Trust controlled land at the Centenary Gardens, subject to a successful professional noise survey, and obtaining any necessary planning permission, or certificate of lawful use.”

This motion was carried with 4 in favour and 2 abstentions.  Cllr Logan abstained arising from her position on EHDC Planning Committee.


Liss Bowl - Update September 2008


Presentation - click here to see the presentation made at the meeting.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and contributed to the discussions.

LPC will endeavour to answer all questions submitted to them with the time and resources available to
them. As stated at the meeting on 12 September, a summary of responses will appear on the website
as and when information becomes available and we undertook to achieve this before the second public
meeting. Where multiple questions have been received which are very similar one question or comment
will be added and responses added.

At the end of January we were ready to announce the second public meeting. However
NCPFT proposed another possible site in preference to the one which overlapped their land.
The council meeting in February agreed to evalute their suggestion that the Centenary (Memorial)
Garden be considered. The council would have to provide an alternative site for the garden.
The status of this and new responses generally will be on the next update to make reading of the
comments easier.