The Planning Committee meets every four weeks to scrutinise and comment on all Parish planning applications.  The Parish Council does not have specific powers for planning matters.  Any comments made are reported to the District Council who are delegated to determine most applications on behalf of the South Downs National Park Authority.  Major applications will be forwarded from EHDC for determination by the SDNP.

Where necessary site visits are made so that councillors can make better decisions based on the surroundings, rather than just looking at plans.

Residents making planning applications, or objecting to them, are able to attend the planning committee and make representations. Residents wishing to support or object to planning applications should put their comments in writing to EHDC.  Please copy Liss Parish Council on any correspondence.

The Village Design Statement has an influence on planning decisions, see the Village Design Statement page for more details.  Where a major development is being considered the applicants should consider discussing it with LPC first.

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Planning applications may be viewed in the LPC office, it's best to phone first to check.  Planning applications can also be viewed on the SDNP site:



A Neighbourhood Plan is about community input into the planning of local facilities and provides statutory planning guidance. Please click here for the Neighbourhood Plan website.