Please call 101 for any non-urgent enquiries - it is important that all incidents of crime are reported and logged. 


Police Liaison Committee

The Police Liaison Group is a forum set up by LPC to foster a close working relationship with our local constabulary.  It meets normally twice a year, or more often if there is deemed to be a pressing need.  There is no formal membership of the group, however all Parish Councillors are invited to attend, as are the local Police, representatives of our Residents Associations, Neighbourhood Watch, EHDC community representatives, the Victim Support Agency and any members of the public who wish to attend.  The agenda for the meetings includes traffic problems, anti-social behaviour and any Police related issue that directly affects the Village. The forum has not been established to allow people to sound off about particular incidents, but to try and promote awareness of problems and to find effective strategies for both the Community and the Police to address them.


Hampshire Constabulary LogoHere is a link to Hampshire Police website 


Here is a link to Neighbourhood Watch covering the Liss and Hawkley area.


Beat Surgeries

To be confirmed.


 *Please note that these dates may change for operational reasons.