Fancy growing your own fruit and vegetables, getting fresh air, exercise and joining a community of like-minded people? Become a Liss Parish Council allotment tenant!

Liss Parish Council manage 143 allotment plots at 6 sites around Liss. Our plots vary in size and cost 21p/m² per annum to rent, so a 100m² plot would cost £21 per year. Any resident of Liss is eligible to apply for an allotment plot, though households are not normally permitted to have more than one allotment plot.

During the COVID-19 pandemic allotments became very sought after and there are only a few plots still available to lease. If you are interested in becoming an allotment tenant please contact  the Assistant Clerk, Lizzy Keeling, to either take up an available plot or be added to the waiting list. We request all allotment holders abide by these special conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The allotments are a registered charity subsidised by the Parish Council, they are managed by the Facilities Committee who carry out periodic inspections. Tenants are expected to comply with terms and conditions set out in a tenancy agreement, failure to do so may result in eviction.

 An example of the Tenancy Agreement can be found here.

Allotment Sites 


an allotment


Mill Road/Patrick's Copse Road

 Kelseys Site Plan

bushes either side of a fence that is by a road

 Lower Green

Rake Road

 Lower Green Site Plan 

A silver fence in the foreground and an allotment in the background

 Fernhills (East)

Duckmead Lane

Fernhills Site Plan 

a rusted steel fence with a sign on it and allotments behind it.

Fernhills (West)

Duckmead Lane

 Fernhills Site Plan 

a road with an allotment on the corner


Hill Brow Road/Andlers Ash Road 

Mitchells Site Plan 

a chain fence with a lush green allotment behind it

Riverside Railway Walk

 Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk Site Plan 


A rusted fence with white blossom trees either side and sand behind the fence

 Princes Bridge

Andlers Ash Road

 Princes Bridge Site Plan

Annual Tenants Meetings

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