The local charities listed below can help residents of the local area. These are independent of Liss Parish Council. If you think you, or someone you know, may qualify then contact the Parish office for direct contact details.

The George Street Trust for Milland and Rake

A charity for Milland and Rake, recently extended to Liss and Rogate. Benefiting residents for charitable purposes.

Liss, Greatham and Hawkley Friendship Fund

To supply invalid foods, invalid comforts, extra fuel and small cash grants to persons who are sick and with low incomes.
T: 01730 892297

Liss Heart Charity Trust

Relieving sickness by providing and maintaining specialist cardiac facilities equipment and training to serve all persons resident in the area of Liss and all patients of the medical practices administered from Liss.
T: 01730 892872

LUPIN (Liss Unites People in Need)

Providing transport to residents of Liss who do not have their own means of transport.