Community Engagement and Consultations

Community engagement is concerned with giving local people a voice and involving them in decisions which affect them and their community. This may include individuals, voluntary and community organisations as well as other public-sector bodies. It provides opportunity for local people to talk to LPC about their aspirations and / or needs in their community and neighbourhood. It allows LPC to consult with and inform people about what services it provides, how it prioritises, how policies are determined and how well it is performing.


Please see the Liss Parish Council Community Engagement Policy for more information.

Community Consultations

Current community consultations:

Improve safety and street-scene on Hill Brow Road: closes 20th May 2021


Previous community consultations:

Draft Liss Parish Council Action Plan 2021/22: May 2021

Mill Road Community Gardens: May 2021

Mill Road Pocket Park: December 2019

Liss Pavilion Project:  2016 - 2018

Liss Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2028: December 2017