Liss Parish Council employs 7 members of staff in total who report to the Clerk (aside from the Clerk who reports to the council):

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Sarah Smith - Clerk

Office based (part-time - Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs). Sarah is CiLCA qualified and fulfills the role as the Council's 'Proper Officer' and has overall responsibility for carrying out the Council's functions. Sarah clerks the meetings of full Council, as well as the Facilities Committee and deals with associated projects and issues.

Lizzy Keeling - Assistant Clerk 

Office based (part-time - Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs). The Assistant Clerk supports the Clerk as required and has responsibility for the Planning, Highways and Review Committees. The Assistant Clerk deals with bookings for the Village Hall and Pavilion and administers allotment tennancies.

Liz Ford - Responsible Financial Officer

Office based (part-time - Mon & Thurs). Liz Ford is responsible for maintenance of financial records and management and administration of Liss Parish Council's funds and finances.

Paul Knibbs - Groundsman

Based at the Groundsman's Hut in Newman Collard Playing Fields, Paul works part-time alongside various contractors to maintain the three recreation grounds, the first section of the Riverside walk and issues relating to the six allotment sites.

Miriam Baines - Caretaker

Miriam provides caretaking services for the Village Hall and Liss Pavilion (part-time).

Julie Ryan - Caretaker

Julie provides caretaking services for the Liss Pavilion (part-time, mainly weekend cover).


Michael Jarman - Litter Picker
Michael looks after the village centre and its environs (part-time).