Upcoming Meetings

Full Council

21 Sep 20 - 19:00


Facilities Committee

28 Sep 20 - 19:00

Highways Committee

5 Oct 20 - 19:30

Video Conference

Planning Committee

12 Oct 20 - 19:30

Video Conference


Council meets 11 times a year to deliver speedy and transparent decisions, supported by appropriate committees. The full council and committee meetings are open to the public to attend and make public representation. Members of the public wishing to make public representations should let the chairman of the committee know before the meeting commences. Links can be found to Council and its committees below.

Each year an Annual Parish Meeting is held. The meeting acts as an annual democratic point of communication enabling the Parish Council to explain what it has been doing over the last year and providing an opportunity for the electors to have their say on anything they consider is important to the people of the Parish. The public are entitled to attend and participate and any registered elector may ask questions of the Council, make suggestions and comment on anything relevant to the residents of Liss. The Annual Report will be presented to the meeting. The next Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th March 2020 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Councillor Representation on Outside Bodies and Committees

Click here for the policy on filming, audio-recording, photographing and reporting of Council Meetings.

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Please click on the committee name to view the Terms of Reference, committee members, meeting dates, minutes and agendas.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets every four weeks to scrutinise and comment on all planning applications within the Parish.

Highways Committee

The Highways Committee meets quarterly and considers and makes representations to the appropriate authority on any item relating to: roads and road safety including parking issues; pavements; passenger transport services and the local footpath network.

Finance Committee

The Liss Parish Council Finance Committee meets quarterly and oversees the financial business of the Council.

Review Committee

The Liss Parish Council Review Committee meets quarterly and ensures that policies and procedures are up-to-date and reflect legislative requirements to underpin Council business.

Facilities Committee

The Building and Grounds Committees have combined into this one single committee from July 2019. The Facilities Committee meets quarterly and has responsibility for all Council owned land and buildings.

Advisory Groups

In addition to committees, Liss Parish Council sometimes makes use of advisory groups which are sometimes used to take projects forward, using the help of people with relevant technical knowledge. An advisory group consists of Parish Council members and other non-members. An advisory group is not able to make Council decisions and can only make a recommendation to Council.

Current advisory groups:


Former Committees

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee meets quarterly and has responsibility for West Liss Recreation Ground, Liss Forest Recreation Ground, Newman Collard Playing Fields and the Centenary Gardens.


Liss Pavilion Development Committee

The Liss Pavilion Development Committee oversaw the redevelopment of the former Pavilion and Scout Hut at the West Liss Recreation Ground. Following completion of the project in May 2019 the committee was dissolved and handed responsibility for the running of the new Liss Pavilion to the Facilities Committee.


Buildings Committee

The Buildings Committee combined to form the facilities Committee with effect from July 2019.