The vision for Liss Forest Recreation Ground


A vision statement has been prepared by Liss Parish Council, in conjunction with Liss Forest Residents Association (LFRA), for Liss Forest Recreation Ground. Click here to read the vision statement. A hard copy questionnaire was delivered by the LFRA to all Liss Forest residents in October 2023 along with papers for the annual meeting of LFRA.


The questionnaire can be accessed here. If you require a hard copy please contact the office. The questionnaire responses can be returned until the end of January 2024.  

Next steps

Once the responses have been analysed we will  provide feedback on what it is local residents want to see happen at Liss Forest Recreation Ground. We can then look at what we can do to deliver on the outcomes.

The multi-play unit at Liss Forest

Background and consultation

Liss Parish Council consulted on replacing the dilapidated multi-play unit at Liss Forest Recreation Ground in May 2023. Four proposals were displayed on the play area fence and advertised on social media as well. These all fit  the criteria agreed by the Facilities Committee and so the final choice was down to the local children!  Views were fed back via a QR code and our Project Officer analysed the results which showed a clear majority in favour of one unit which was then commissioned. The new unit was installed in August 2023 and positive feedback has been received since! 


Before (March 2023)    







And after (August 2023)!