2022 Engagement Feedback

To understand local views on the village centre, in the summer of 2022 we held a drop-in event in the village centre, completed a survey (online and paper), asked businesses to complete a separate survey and completed walkabouts with local stakeholders.


The Engagement Findings Reports can be viewed in full here but the illustration below shows the main issues that residents and businesses told us were:


Liss Village Centre issues identified by residents and businesses during the summer 2022 community engagement:



* Colouring of squares based on Healthy Streets Indicators which is a human-centred framework for embedding public health in transport and public realm design. Healthy Streets 10 key indicators, shown in the diagram opposite, are being used to inform the planning and design of the Liss Village Centre Project.

Potential considerations for the Liss Village Centre Project implementations:

  1. The survey findings indicate that parking is a contentious issue in Liss village centre. Whilst many respondents were positive about the amount of parking available, there were concerns about poor/ illegal parking. Improving and increasing existing parking facilities, particularly in areas where illegal parking is an issue, should be considered.
  2. Specific suggestions about pavement widening and crossing points were raised in several areas. These should be considered as plans are developed. Many respondents expressed frustration about the delays caused by the level crossing in Liss village centre. Any proposed changes should endeavour to not exacerbate this issue further. It might be worth considering whether there is scope for future plans which could mitigate against this issue completely.
  3. Respondents were positive about both the community feel and the local facilities available in the village. The development of any proposals should include key groups such the Liss in Bloom volunteers and local businesses, to build upon and strengthen these village assets.
  4. Some concerns were raised about the appearance of some shop fronts. The project team may wish to work with local businesses to consider how the aesthetics of these could be improved.
  5. Concerns were raised about the perceived prevalence of anti-social behaviour exhibited by teenagers/ children, particularly around Liss Rail Station. Engaging with young people to find out how they would like to see their village improved may help to mitigate against this.
  6. The demographic profile of Liss should be considered in conjunction with the findings from this report to ensure that no groups’ views have been underrepresented in the research.