Recreation Grounds and Play Areas

Liss Parish Council maintains three recreation grounds, the first section of the Riverside Walk which includes a picnic and play area and the Mill Road Community Garden.

Liss Parish Council is committed in its 2023-24 Action Plan to work with partner organisations and local residents to develop and implement a village wide strategy for recreational facilities. Following discussions with key partners, including Newman Collard Playing Fields Trust, the Crossover Youth Centre, 1st Liss Scouts, Liss Athletic Football Club and Liss Forest Residents Association. The strategy has been open for public consultation and views are still welcome as the strategy evolves. Please click here for a summary of the recreation strategy for the village, last updated January 2023.

West Liss Recreation Ground

West Liss Recreation Ground is a registered village green and a registered charity. LPC acts as a trustee and the ground is maintained by LPC Grounds staff and appointed contractors. West Liss Recreation Ground is also home to the new Liss Pavilion.

The ground is hired for football matches during the football season and other ad hoc events will be considered. For details on hiring the Football Pitch click here. There are two full size football goals and two smaller moveable goals which were installed in 2022 and have proved very popular with local children. A wild flower meadow was established in spring 2023.

The children's play area was fully refurbished in August 2022 following consultation with local children. A pump track was installed in June 2023 and is for use by all wheels (bikes, scooters, skate boards and roller skates), all ages and all abilities. Please note that helmets are required to use this facility and further track rules are displayed onsite.

Please click here for a vision for the site which was approved by Council in November 2023.

Newman Collard Park

The Newman Collard Park is managed by the Newman Collard Playing Fields Trust and Liss Parish Council. The Trust was established in 1966 to manage the the park (LPC appoints three representatives to this Trust). Part of the park is in direct ownership of LPC and the entire grounds are managed by LPC Grounds staff and appointed contractors.

The Newman Collard Park has three tennis courts, two football pitches, a pond and an extensive play area.

Working in partnership, the Newman Collard Playing Fields Trust and Liss Parish Council completed a project which saw a complete overhaul of the existing play equipment at Newman Collard Park in October 2017. The new play area was designed following input from local children with the ambition of creating a space for children of all ages and abilities and their families to enjoy. 

Please click here for a vision for the site which was approved by Council in November 2023. 



school children on a climbing frame


Memorial Gardens

The Memorial Garden can be found at the Newman Collard Park. This was opened in 1995 to commemorate 100 years of the Parish Council. The Memorial Garden houses a Memorial Rose Bed where roses can be planted (please contact the Newman Collard Playing Fields Trust should you wish to enquire about this).

A mosaic was constructed in 2000 to mark the millennium using designs from groups and businesses around the village. This was fully refurbished in June 2022.

A tree was planted in November 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. A Malus Freja (or flowering Crabapple) was planted in in June 2022 to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee and a Tilia x euchlora (or Caucasian Lime) in  May 2023 to mark the King's Coronation.

centenary gardens

Tree log benches



Riverside Walk

Liss Riverside Railway walk is an important, well used walk connecting Liss centre and Liss Forest. It has the status of a Public Footpath and Permissive Cycleway. The walk follows part of the old Longmoor Military Railway, dismantled in 1972 and now holds the status of a local nature reserve. The entire walk is divided into 10 compartments.


Compartment 10 is managed and is in direct ownership of Liss Parish Council. This extends from the entrance on Station Road to just past the picnic area and is managed by LPC Grounds staff. The pic nic area also provides a small play area.

The remainder of the Riverside Walk running to the junction with Forest Road (Compartments 1-9) are the responsibility of EHDC. Liss Conservation Rangers, a local volunteer group, carry out maintenance work. Please e-mail if you are interested in becoming a member of Liss Rangers.

riverside walk sign

riverside walk path

bridge in a forest

Liss Forest Recreation Ground

Liss Forest Recreation Ground is in the direct ownership of Liss Parish Council. It is maintained by LPC Grounds staff and appointed contractors. The Liss Forest Residents Association is very active and works with LPC where possible to enhance the leisure provision at the site.

There is a fenced play area for children as well as basketball net, a football pitch with fixed and moveable goals and a Pétanque terrain (opened in December 2020). The most recent addition was a new multi play unit which was replaced in August 2023.

Please click here to read about the consultation on the vision for the site (open until January 2024). 


Mill Road Community Garden

Liss Parish Council formally took over management of the area of under-used land between The Oval and The Roundabouts on Mill Road from East Hampshire District Council in summer 2023.

Using funding from developers, the land has been transformed into a vibrant community garden. Designed to be a socially inclusive and inviting open space, a wheelchair and pushchair accessible pathway links the surrounding housing to the road. Features include a natural play mound with a tunnel, a trim trail, sociable seating, a fruit orchard, an additional bin and a dog poo bag dispenser to encourage dog walkers to use the space responsibly. Wild flowers will be planted in due course. The area was designed following consultation with local residents in December 2019.