The modern “Lengthsman” scheme is the reincarnation of an old concept - that of a locally employed person who carries out highway maintenance tasks identified by the local community enabling an enhanced local service with local priorities. 

The Lengthsman is employed by Liss Parish Council but funded by Hampshire County Council meaning they are limited to certain tasks (see the list below). Please contact  Assistant Parish Clerk if you spot any work may be appropriate for the Lengthsman's Work Schedule.


Lengthsman Duties


  1.  Clearing existing drainage open cross drains (grips)
  2. Digging open cross drains (grips)
  3. Maintaining ditches
  4. Cleaning channels
  5. Clearing drainage outfall and headwalls
  6. Rodding pipes (off highway)
  7. Flood prevention works (“further works”)


Road signage

  1. Cleaning (non-illuminated)
  2. Minor repairs
  3. Tightening brackets


Speed Indicator Device

Rotation and charging of mobile SID following site specific approval and authorisation from Liss Parish Council and Liss SpeedWatch

Other Minor Works

  1. Remove soil or detritus from highways
  2. Cutting back vegetation overhanging the road or footway
  3. Clearing footways of weeds/moss
  4. Removing vegetation from parapets or fences
  5. Grass strimming
  6. Reporting defects
  7. Sweeping roads and pavements
  8. Litter picking
  9. Removing flyposting
  10. Removing unauthorised signs
  11. Removing graffiti
  12. Cleaning street name plates
  13. Cleaning bus shelters
  14. Minor repairs to street furniture
  15. Village upkeep’
  16. Snow clearance and gritting / salting by hand