The local charities listed below can help residents of the local area. These are independent of Liss Parish Council. Please find contact details below, clicking on the links where available.

The George Street Trust
Benefiting residents of Liss, Miland, Rake and Rogate for charitable purposes through grants which are balanced between the twin purposes of “the religious life” of the area and “need, hardship and distress” or “the benefit of the inhabitants of the area”.

Liss, Greatham and Hawkley Friendship Fund
For small grants to residents of the three villages who need help dealing with immediate domestic problems. 

T: 01730 892480 or 07858 138218

Liss Heart Charity Trust

Relieving sickness by providing and maintaining specialist cardiac facilities equipment and training to serve residents in the area of Liss and all patients of the medical practices administered from Liss.

T: 01730 893530

The Liss Youth Fund 

The Liss Youth Fund is able to make small grants of up to £250 for children and young people aged 5 years to 21 years who live within the parish of Liss, to help with educational or training needs.  


 LUPIN (Liss Unites People in Need)

Providing transport to residents of Liss who do not have their own means of transport.


The Rosemary Foundation

The Rosemary Foundation provides a wide range of palliative care services in and around the Petersfield area for patients with advanced, progressive, or life limiting illnesses.