Mill Road Community Garden Update

Published: 08 July 2024

A community garden provides a wonderful space for people to come together - we hope the Mill Road Community Garden does just that!
Over the last 18 months a lot has happened in the garden - we have installed social seating, planted a wildflower meadow, a hedge and a fruit orchard and to complete the project we have put up an information board and a watering station.
A key feature of the garden is the orchard which provides a unique and important habitat for a range of wildlife. Planting fruit trees has encouraged an abundance of bird life, boosted pollinators and increased biodiversity in this area.
We welcome any volunteers, and those who have adopted a tree, to water the orchard. To assist with this, there is access to water onsite and a storage frame for watering cans (just ask us about access).
We would be grateful for donations of watering cans - Please drop any spare cans to the Liss Parish Council offices on Hill Brow Road, to the rear of the Village Hall, and we will make sure they are placed on the frame on site for anyone to use.
Enjoy your community garden and fruit orchard!
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